One can trace the roots of Tactical Tailor back to 1991.

Upon enlisting in the US Army, founder Logan Coffey discovered the uncomfortable and impractical gear used by his father in the Vietnam War was still in active use.

Determined to remedy this deficiency, Logan purchased a sewing machine to start making modifications to his existing gear.

Over time, Logan taught himself the handicraft of sewing and modifying tactical nylon products and had become the go-to person in Shofield Baracks whenever someone needed to get some military gear repaired or modified. 

At the end of his second enlistment he decided to leave the Army. His dream was to make a business out of his passion of modifying and designing military gear and so in January 1998 Tactical Tailor was founded.


Borrowing money from his parents to get started up with the necessary materials, he began sewing in the garage of his two-bedroom house. His business grew rapidly and within a couple of years he had outgrown his „production facilities“.

Logan was able to find a suitable warehouse which became his new home, work area and retail store for the next two years.

He also hired a few more people, mostly ex-military or military spouses.

In 2002 he decided to rent a larger warehouse in a more desirable part of town. The increased floor space allowed him to add more sewing machines, cutting tables and an area for fabric storage.

In 2005 Logan moved his manufacturing equipment into a separate warehouse, expanding his manufacturing capabilities once again while gaining much-needed warehouse space.

 After years of traveling across the USA and marketing his products the industry and military, his gear is now know all over the world and is currently being used by military personnel in Afghanistan.

To this day, Tactical Tailor's focus is to create quality products for various armed forces of the western world.


All Tactical Tailor products are proudly manufactured in the USA.