About Lindnerhof

Lindnerhof was founded 2006 by former special forces soldiers of the German KSK and produces high-quality, functional, and modular gear for tactical missions.

A wide array of products ranges from apparel, to modular load-bearing solutions and packs, bullet-proof vests and tactical gear, putting an emphasis on high-quality bags. Years of experience in active duty is what makes Lindnerhof a favored and reliable partner for the military, police forces and private customers.


2006 Founding Lindnerhof

Humble beginnings: Development and production started out at our home kitchen table and in the basement. As storage facilities we were using our garage, a garden shack, and, again, our basement. At that time, most of our products were manufactured by Tactical Tailors in the U.S.

2008 Cooperation with Goldeck Steppwaren

To comply with ever-growing demands for our products, parts of our serial production was handed to Goldeck Steppwaren. The production output of Tactical Tailers was reduced step by step and focus on production within our own facilities was increased.

2009 First moving into larger facilities

The increase in demand from our customers required us to move into larger facilities. With lots of space at our hands, we could start to optimize construction and pre-cut via CAD programs and a servo-cutter, among other things. Also, our first three employees were hired.

2010 Establishing a GmbH

Doubling of our facilities. Number of employees rises to ten.

2011 Expansion of our production capacities

Again, growing demand lead to an increase of employees (now 16). The introduction of an enterprise resource planning system was an important step-stone in building the future of our company.

2012 Further expansion of our production capa

To meet ever-increasing demand, we had to acquire another servo cutter, as well as increasing our production capacity by adding more contractors.
At that time we were employing 20 people.

2013 Step into the future

First plans for construction of new business facilities. Additional renting of 500 m² storage space. Our company grew to 26 employees.

2014 Our head office

In April 2014, construction on our new head office started, which was ready to move in in December.
We now have 1600 m² of administrative offices and production facilities, employing 32 people.